Power Tubes

Power tubes allow you to efficiently direct and control airflow distribution over large areas.  They are perfect for indoor spaces that need year-round application of consistent and controlled airflow.
Top uses are in agriculture, pick lines, material handling, and other areas that need steady circulation of air for comfort.
Tubes are available in 5 standard models and connects with an appropriately sized high velocity fan (16″, 22″ or 30″).
The 5 standard models are engineered with optimal airflow in mind; the tube length, hole size and hole spacing, so that the area along the entire length of the tube receives smooth, consistent air movement.
Power tubes are economical even during the winter months, keeping the air destratified.  This process helps mix the warm air from the ceiling to the floor.
By taking into account work area size, floor plan and other variables, AirMax ® Fans will help you design a system that meets the unique air movement requirements of your application.


Power Tubes specs:

  • Designed for your air movement requirements
  • Made of coated woven polypropylene for maximum durability
  • High-tenacity thread for stitching and brass grommets that prevent corrosion in tough environments
  • 5 standard models; connects with high velocity fan (16″, 22″, 30″)
  • For cooling: Directs and controls airflow distribution
  • For heating: Keeps air destratified, helps mix warm air from ceiling to floor
  • Power Tubes are most commonly used for barn cooling and in environments that needs airflow pushed over a wide area.

Additional information

Top Uses

Barn Fans, Agriculture Fans, Dairy Fans, Warehouse Fans, Destratification