LED Dock Lights

These LED dock lights provide optimum brightness for loading docks and can even deliver light all the way to the back of a 53′ trailer!
Designed for maximum efficiency, versatility and durability, even in hazardous and wet areas.
Ideal for dock door lighting, trailers, warehouses and more.  Light up your areas for safer loading and unloading!
The non-corrosive single strut steel arm is available in 24″, 42″ and 60″ lengths.  Choose an articulating arm for added movement.



LED Dock Lights specs:

  • 15W power consumption
  • Highly impact resistant; LED technology means no glass lamp breakage
  • Multiple cord configurations
  • Attach directly to standard dock light arms for easy retrofit
  • Compatible arms: 24″, 42″ or 60″ lengths
  • Articulated arms available with: 42″ and 60″ lengths
  • Wet rated

Additional information

Top Uses

Dock Door Lighting, Warehouse Lighting, Trailer Lighting

Articulating Arm

24", 42", 60", Let's Discuss